What is Modular Wardrobe?

Modular Wardrobe Pro's and Con's

What is Modular Wardrobe?

The term “modular” became popular in India because of some kitchen brands which started selling “modular kitchens”. Slowly, this term has also gained support with wardrobes. Modular wardrobes are now popular and many online brands sell these as well. So what is a modular wardrobe?

Definition of Modular

Modular means made in modules. The entire unit is made in set sizes and these are joined together to make the box. Its kind of a lego game with fixed sizes. These modules can be fixed in a place and then unscrewed and moved to a new place as well.

The concept of modular became popular starting from western countries for simple and low budget solutions for homes. Hardwood and labor, both are extremely expensive in the western countries. Most of them are unable to afford an interior designer because of the costs. Its more economical to get ready made modules and fix them up yourself. That’s how modular furniture and modular wardrobes became more popular.

Material used for modular wardrobe

In most of the cases, especially when buying modular wardrobes from online websites, the base material is usually particle board. If getting it made for yourself, you can look for plywood as an option as well. As far as finishes are concerned, modular wardrobes available online usually come with membrane or paper laminate finish which are both poor in quality.. Other options for homes include laminates and acrylics both of which are good options compared to membranes and paper laminates. Polishes like PU and polyester are not normally possible in modular finishes.

Advantages of Modular Wardrobes
  1. Price: Modular is a cheap option available. While design possibilities are limited, its possible to have wardrobes made in a low budget as well.
  2. Speed of execution: The entire time need for a modular wardrobe to be executed could be less than few days. An on-site wardrobe may take a month of constant hammering and sawing before it becomes a reality.
  3. Portable:You can basically pick up a wardrobe and transport it anywhere else. Unless made in particle board, it will be perfectly fine in either place.
  4. Quality:Modular wardrobes are made using machines in factories. Hence errors due to hand work are minimized improving the quality.
Disadvantages of Modular Wardrobes
  1. Space utilization: While many people comment that modular wardrobes improve space utilization, we truly believe that the opposite is more true. Modular wardrobes have fixed sizes while our spaces are not always of same size. You cannot fit a bigger wardrobe in a small space so you have to compromise on size of wardrobe taken not completely utilizing the available space.
  2. Design possibilities: There are very limited things that you can do when you are getting a laminate of same color or texture stuck on a plywood board. Designs, CNC patterns, fabrics, glasses and mirrors etc cannot be explored. For that reason, many designers refer to modular wardrobes as “dabba” meaning box.

To conclude, while modular wardrobes are great, please make sure to check that they are being customized based on your space. Many online websites actually give wardrobes with lesser height, width and even depth to keep the price lower. Customers do not realize what they have purchased and are then unable to return them since the sizes were mentioned somewhere on the website. Even otherwise, look for designers or contractors who do not charge extra for non standard designs. This is an option that can be checked on our Comparison Engine also.

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