Type of finishes for interior design woodwork

Membrane, Laminate, Acrylic, Veneer Finishes


Finish is something that makes many people confused. It’s a term very commonly used in the interiors industry but it leaves people confused because no one understands what it means and how many finishes are possible.

Here, we list down the type of finishes for interior design woodwork that are possible. Note that this is not a complete list and some of the common ones might be missed out. We also take up each of the finishes in more detail in other posts linked here.

What is a Finish?

Firstly, understand that a finish means how the board which is making the frame and shutters has been covered to make it more appealing and longer lasting. A plywood or MDF by itself can always be used but neither are they good to look at in their raw forms, nor are they durable if subject to water. A Finish makes the shutters look good. In addition, they save the inner boards from any moisture and make the surface easier to clean and longer lasting.

Types of finishes for woodwork Membrane Finish

Membranes are extremely paper thin sheets which are available in rolls. These are vacuum pressed on the boards and completely press against any moulding or contours which may be present in the boards.

Laminate Finish

Laminates are simple thin sheets which are stuck on boards in factories or even on locations. They take 1-2 days to stick properly if done on site. While laminates come in various shades, textures as well as in glossy or matte finishes, the range will not be so vast as to incorporate “mera waala green” kind of moments. They come in sheets which could be as thick as 1-1.5mm or as thin as .1 mm which is also called paper laminate and is basically just the top fabric paper and not the whole laminate.

Acrylic Finish

Acrylic is a finish which is superior to the laminate finish. Acrylic is a harder substance and hence longer lasting and more resistant to scratches and abrasions. Its also very glossy which makes it very beautiful as well. Unfortunately, the range of acrylic sheets is highly limited in terms of colors and availability. In addition, many local companies sell normal laminates which are high gloss and call them acrylic. Hence it becomes difficult to figure out if you are getting acrylic or laminate at the cost of acrylic.

Veneer Finish

Veneers are thin sheets of natural wood. They are pasted on sheets of plywood or any other board and then polished with melamine / PU / polyester depending on what kind of finishing is needed. Good quality veneers can give a feeling of natural hard wood.

Polishes in Finish

Like mentioned earlier, there are numerous polishes that can be done on top of different bases. Melamine polish happens on veneers or hard woods. Apart from that, several others like duco, PU, acrylic, polyester, lacquer exist which are discussed in greater detail in other posts.

There are so many finishes possible that its almost impossible to describe them all in a single post. What we have tried to do is let you know which designers provide which finishes. There are very few which can give all. Check our comparison engine to figure out what kind of finishes are available with who.

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