How to select interior designer for home

Points to consider when selecting interior designer


The most difficult part of getting interior design done for you home is possibly selecting the contractor or interior designer who will do your work.

We have several criteria which are different for each person. Budget is usually the top criteria. Post that, things start going down to individual preferences, referrals etc. Here are some points that you should ideally consider when comparing different interior designers.

  1. Quote: An obvious comparison is the cost. Not to be confused with capability, this topic of quote has been covered in greater detail in another post. Keep in mind that just because a quote looks lesser than another, it does not mean that it will result in lesser cost since many variables need to be considered in a quote.
  2. Capability of the contractor: A designer might have wonderful skills at showing some wonderful designs but are they equally capable of getting the work executed? What kind of finishes do they give and if they have workshops or factories to work out of can be a good indicator for understanding there work. If they have an experience center or a showroom, please do visit before finalizing. It helps in checking the work and finishes possible.
  3. Reviews and feedback: Many places nowadays have good review systems. Places like Google, Houzz and even our website have place to give free and fair reviews. Check these reviews out.
  4. Experience: It is definitely difficult to figure out how much experience, a particular contractor or interior designer has. More, the better. But many times, interior designers or contractors fake their experience to get work and then you suffer while they learn.

Lot of people go to carpenters who are already working in the same apartment. This could be good or bad. Some of them simply tie up with the first owner and take up work. They are usually small contractors who work by themselves on one site and hence may not have the potential to handle multiple projects. We have discussed this in more detail in another post where we try to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement. Please check that.

It is a long exercise to get your home interiors done. It also occurs at a time when the builder (sometimes after many delays) is finally handing the home to you and you are looking forward to move into it. Its understandable to get overwhelmed by the choices and options available. Hence we provide you with a simple way to select a designer or a contractor best suited to your particular requirements and taste. Do not worry. We will not ask you for your details to help with this basic information.

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