How to compare Interior Design Quote

What should be compared in an interior designer or contractor quote


The first step that anyone takes when they want to select an interior designer or a contractor or even a carpenter for their home interiors is to research some of them and ask them for a quotation. Typically, we have observed that people get as many as 10 to 15 quotes. The most common reason is usually because they have got too confused since all quotes are different.

There are several other things which normally need to be looked at before finalizing an Interior Designer.

So how do you compare so many different types of quotes from different interior designers and carpenters? We try to make this easy by dividing what you need to check using a simple checklist.

  1. Square feet prices: The first thing that needs to be understood when comparing quotations from different interior designers is to check the square feet price. If you stand in front of a cabinet (imaginary if desired) then square feet is calculated by multiplying the length from one side to the other with the height. Both in feet. Comparing square feet price is actually a good indicator to help understand the cost in case the sizes taken are different.
  2. Hidden charges: Sometimes, extremely small lines show things which are hidden. Extra charge for something which you will not initially anticipate. Few of these are:
    • Extra cost for laminates: Many prominent brands and even many carpenters only include matte laminates or SF laminates in the quote. Sometimes, they will come back later and even mention that only 5-6 options are included in the quote. Make sure to check what is included in the price given and what is not.
    • Non-standard sizes: Many brands which work only on modular work may charge a lot extra for non standard sizes. So if you finalize and then go back and ask for increasing or decreasing the size by few inches to optimally utilize the space in your home, you will be told to pay an amount much more than the normal square feet rate. Please check with the interior designer beforehand.
  3. Raw material included: Almost no one includes similar material in their quotations. Which is good and which is bad is very very difficult to figure out. Our comparison engine tries to simplify this for you by including details for each item and you can always spend time and read up on all of these details. We continue to update them for your ease. Someone might be reducing cost just by adding particle board instead of plywood. You need to be aware of what you want and what you are getting.
  4. GST: Everyone charges GST. Even those who say that you need not pay GST do. Why? Because since the GST regime started, its impossible to get material without GST. Even shopkeepers now keep this in mind and the initial price given is high enough to ensure that even if the customer asks to pay in cash to avoid GST, they will still get the amount since they have to deposit to the department. You are better off paying and getting a proper bill since you will be spending almost the same amount either way.

These are just some of the things which can help you in evaluating quotations from different interior designers. It needs a bit of work which you can avoid by using our simple to ease Online Comparison Engine. We have done a lot of hard work in getting the details of several 100 contractors, interior designers and carpenters from many cities and putting them in a way that it becomes easier for you. Do check it out.

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