How to evaluate ongoing carpenter interior work on my site?

Evaluate carpenter ongoing work


After having gone through a long process and selecting a suitable budget friendly carpenter, it is still important to oversee what the carpenter and his team are actually doing in your home. A good brand may have its own team for ensuring good quality work but a carpenter directly gets impacted from every penny that he might be able to save. Many times, this saving could come at expense of what you are getting or supposed to get.

Trust us that the number of things in which you could be made is very long. After all our experience, even we get fooled sometimes. But here is a small list of things which you will want to check on when you see the work going on. This exercise may result in some uncomfortable situations but it is your home and your money and you deserve what you are paying for.

One note here: We do not know what your initial discussion with your contractor was. Hence please consider whatever the terms were as well.

  1. Do NOT fall for carpenter telling you that strips of laminates on the edges of doors and shutters is better than PVC edge banding. Laminate strips will come from wastage while they need to buy the edge banding. Yes, it will not be an exact match but even the worst quality PVC edge banding is much better compared to laminate strips which are both sharp as well as look ugly (especially if the laminates are light in color).
  2. Insist on seeing the invoice for the hardware purchased. Brands like Hettich have tones of duplicates which cost less than half of what Hettich costs. Invoice means lifetime warranty as well. You might be paying the carpenter based on square feet rates but ask him to give you the invoices. A good interior design brand will not give these details because they may also have purchases in bulk but a carpenter will buy for one project and can share the details. You will also get an assurance that the material is genuine. Just the outside boxes will not mean anything. Those are available for repacking at any shop.
  3. If work is onsite, carpenters will get big containers of fevicol or other lubricant. Make sure that the seal is opened in your presence. A bin of fevicol filled with a local adhesive is always a possibility. Another thing which is very common is carpenters removing some fevicol and mixing water. Either ways, quality of work and longevity suffer. Many times, after a day’s work, while leaving, carpenters also add water to fevicol. During initial days, fevicol will be used more. Try to be present when they are leaving for the day to check on this.
  4. Many times, you are promised BWP plywood for wet areas. There are places where BWP marks (and even brand names like Century and Greenply) may just be printed on any plywood. Don’t be surprised. For checking BWP, the plywood will be several shades darker than the BWR or Marine or commercial plywood. Also ensure that this darkness is not just on the surface but even inside after the plywood has been cut. This ensures that a normal plywood was not just dipped in a solution to make it darker but has been treated inside and out.
  5. Your laminate selections might have happened from a good brand catalog. You will also be charged for them. The actual laminates might be from a local brand. Brands like Royale Touche, Merino, Century lam etc have a huge issue with this duplication. Prices reduce by almost half and quality reduces to almost nothing. This is very difficult to check but most of the brands have their names printer on the plastics covering the laminates (specially glossy laminates) or printed at the back side. Check this before the carpenter sticks them.

Like we said, there are many areas where carpenters skimp. Its easy for them because they want to make the most from the work they have got. Bigger brands will not usually do this. Its always better to be careful than suffer for the rest of your life. Keep these points in mind and please tell us in case we have missed any other significant points and we will love to update our page.

If you don’t want all this hassle, just use our Comparison Engine to find better brands within your budget.

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