Types of Wood that are ideal for Furniture in India

Rosewood, teakwood etc


Furniture has certain essential requirements which any wood being used for furniture has to have.

It has to be durable

No point in having furniture which starts getting spoilt within 2-3 years. Wood that is ideal for furniture has to be durable. Sheesham and Teak are possibly some of the most durable varieties of wood found in India.

It has to have strength and stability

Wood should be resistant to things like warping. It should not change too much due to weather changes. In addition, it has to be able to bear the weight and should have the strength to do so. Apart from Sheesham and Teak, Acacia and Sal are really good at giving strong furniture.

Its finishing and ability to work

A big feature of any wood is its workability. How easy or difficult is it to carve it into desired designs. In addition, the final finish has to be aesthetically pleasing and smooth. Pine is a great wood to work with. Its also naturally smooth and provides a perfect finish.

Availability and cost has to be considered

Rosewood, teakwood etc are difficult to grow and hence are very costly. Acacia is moderately costly while pine, rubberwood and bamboo are more frequently available and hence not as costly. This factory usually becomes important in case of low value furniture but its important to understand what you are losing against the value you are getting.

There are several wood which are ideal for making furniture. Like we have mentioned above, starting from Sheesham, teakwood, rosewood, acacia, mango wood, rubber wood, pine, bamboo etc, the list is very long. But they all have some positive and negative aspects which need to be judged and then a proper and smart decision made in terms of choosing the right wood for your home furniture.

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