PVC Edge Banding, laminate strips, wooden bidding – Which is better?

PVC Edge Banding, laminate strips, wooden bidding – Which is better?


For the people who are confused on why we are comparing a plastic, a wood and a laminate, all these three have the same purpose. They all are used to finish the edges of the panels of plywood, MDF or particle board. We have explained edge banding in greater detail in another article. Here, we discuss what are the advantages of each of these in different circumstances.

Laminate Strips – Should they ever be used?

Before PVC edge banding found its way into the interiors of homes, carpenters would simply cut strips of the same laminate and stick them on the edges. This was an almost zero cost method since thin strips could be taken out from even wasted pieces of laminates. No finishing of the edges was necessary except using a planar to sand the side a bit.

Issues with laminate strips:
  1. The issue with laminate strips is the corners of the panels, specially doors and shutters which have been finished in this way. The corners are sharp enough to draw blood. And they don’t lose this sharpness for several years.
  2. Another issue is that these strips, since they are made from laminates, can crack easily. They can break off as well which not only looks ugly but also results in leaving the inner panels exposed to the elements leading to reduced life.

Given this, its always preferable to avoid laminate strips specially since we have something like edge banding of PVC available.

PVC Edge Banding – How good is this?

We have discussed this in great detail in another article. But if you are too lazy to click and go there to check, in a nutshell, while PVC edge banding is definitely costlier compared to the almost free option of laminate strips, it does score above them on all other issues which are listed above. In fact, if by any chance, an edge banding does come off, you can use simple fevicol to stick it right back.

Edge banding is plastic and hence does dry up after some time but by then, its already stuck and fixed and drying up actually helps to ensure that it stays stuck.

The only issue is the issue of finishing. If a factory is available, its not an issue. But if you are in doubt about the machine required, just do a google search for “edge banding machine for a modular factory” and see the size of those things. Don’t look at the smaller ones. They do nothing!

Wooden bidding – When is this fixed?

For the new generation, this is possibly something you have never experienced unless you have some wooden wardrobes or cabinets from 20-30 years back. Since the onset of edge banding, wooden bidding has become less and less in use.

Wooden bidding is glued and nailed on the sides. Once dried, the nails are removed and the bidding is leveled using a planar machine. Post that, a painter carefully paints and polishes the bidding to closely match the color of the laminate.

As you can realize, this is a long and cumbersome process. But the output is amazing. Specially if you like traditional wooden textures and designs. If you have an extra month or two to get your interiors done and some extra money, then do not go for those modular boxes. Get a senior experienced team to sit at your place and finish off with wooden bidding. Its frankly so long lasting that we ourselves have mentioned that you may have pieces of furniture from 20-30 years back. Longer is highly likely.


In the end, it boils down to budget and time. Just like for anything else. Wooden bidding requires time and patience along with a good budget. Carpenters who do this work charge a lot more compared to other carpenters. It also depends on the kind of designs you like.

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