Modular Kitchen vs Non Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen vs Non Modular Kitchen Advantages


Many people have this conception that modular kitchens are the best things possible. This happens because usually modular is seen as a certain finish and has a bit of “western” feeling to it. Traditionally, kitchens have always been “non modular” in nature with carpenters doing all the woodwork on site. Those kitchens have also been long lasting. So which of the two is better?

Lets discuss a modular kitchen vs a non modular kitchen and see which one fits your requirements better.

What is a modular kitchen?

We have discussed this in great detail in another post but for the sake of definition, a Modular Kitchen is built using modules. Typically, these are fixed and same size modules which are then placed on location and screwed to each other. This obviously increases the speed of execution and minimizes issues related to quality. Finishes are limited to laminates, acrylic sheets and membranes. Polishes do not usually happen in India since almost no one has the machinery to do complex PU finishes which require huge capital investment.

What is a non modular kitchen?

A non-modular kitchen actually means what is not standard size module but made as per site measurements. Hence, traditional method of carpentry where work happened on sites based on customer requirements and feedback is usually followed. Some brands also do customized sizes in factories which we have mentioned in our comparison as the ones who do non-standard sizes and have factories.

Advantages of modular kitchen over non modular kitchen

As mentioned, a modular kitchen is fast to make and gives clean finishes. They are also usually cheaper to build compared to non modular kitchens. A typical Modular Kitchen can be finished in a month or less. Apart from this, glue used for pasting laminates etc on shutters in modular kitchens is usually industrial grade and that helps in holding the laminates and edge banding in a more firm grip.

Advantages of non modular kitchen over modular kitchen

A non modular kitchen is customized. In other words, there are no empty spaces and all shelf and box sizes can be discussed and altered as per individual requirements. Apart from this, the number of possible finishes is immense in non modular finishes since PU, veneer, duco, polyester, lacquer, liquid acrylic etc can all be done in non modular kitchens. In addition, there are some European finished shutters which can also be done in a non-modular setting.

So which one is better? Modular or non-modular?

No two kitchens are the same. Neither are the sizes same. Builders do not make kitchens to ensure a “modular” approach. Hence a typical modular finish will end up wasting spaces since some parts will be left out and will only be closed with a small plywood. The best will actually be a hybrid model depending on your budget. There are companies who offer to do customized sizes in factory. In case of lower budget, look for these companies. Our compare engine can be used for sorting these out.

If budget is higher, you can opt for companies which provide more style of finishes and look at possibility of on-site work. This takes more time but can be very beneficial. Nowadays, there are some good options of getting polished shutters from premium brands while getting the framework done on site. Your carpenter can help with the sizes and then with the fixing as well.

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